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I’m moving. I have my own site!

I am hosting my own site as I have plans to grow beyond this place’s capability. In the short term it will be more of the same blogging, but I plan on providing chartology, individual equity analysis, book reviews (now … Continue reading

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Triffin Delimma

The only people discussing the Triffin Dilemma are the people who will profit from the dollar’s inevitable destruction, China and the IMF. Continue reading

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Bullard’s 7 faces of doom, Greenspan’s Policy, capital structure and more!

I’m amazed it is even a question if the low interest rates from the Fed fueled the housing boom. Continue reading

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An Answer from the Fed

It took a while to get their reply, I guess they were busy manning the printing presses full steam: Continue reading

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  What does it mean to be a generous person? Does it only mean to sacrifice your time or valuables for another person without an expectation of return? Is living prudently so your children may live more comfortable lives being … Continue reading

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